Monday, June 9, 2014

Running Behind

No photos with this post since I have not had time to do anything since I got sick over my birthday over 2 weeks.

I had a very bad cold that almost led to a sinus infection.. but then I caught another cold which DID lead to bronchitis. I have been a runny mess despite all the nasal spray, humidifying, neti pot rinsing I've done. I finally went to the doctor and she advised me to take antibiotics. I'm really conservative about medicine since I took antibiotics so much as a child. Especially now that I'm nursing and though I know most medicines are "safe for breastfeeding," it doesn't make me feel better about taking them. 

The final straw. I pulled out some back and rib muscles coughing so much at night. I had some really bad coughing fits that just messed me up. During all this, Dek's cold made his eye leak gunk which everyone thought was pink eye (but it wasn't), Mike got another round of something that needed antibiotics.  Agh.

So no, I've done nothing but basically coughed and held the baby for the last two weeks. So tired.

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