Saturday, October 18, 2014

Falling Behind

Quinn with Great Grandma (Cu), 6 months
 We have been experiencing a bit of fall madness. I have given up on finishing blogging on Europe. I have notes, but at this point the memories are mostly faded that I'll have to just go back and post in spurts when I get motivated.  Also, everything has turned into a blur of:

Wake up. Get everyone ready. Go to work. Pick up. Dinner. Sleep.

Unlike when we were rolling with just Dek, we still went out to bars and partied hardy (sometimes) after bedtime. I've noticed we have significantly less energy to keep it going at this point. I think part of it is the kids, but part of it is I care less about those things since most of my friends are starting to outgrow it too.

Sleeping wise, Q's taken over the big king bed (really!) and is doing a bit of gymnastics flipping back and forth and also really getting into the middle

Some days I can barely peel myself out of bed before the nanny arrives, brush my teeth and hurry Dek into his school clothes before I run off to the bus. All these years and I still don't set an alarm or bother to drink coffee.
Week ends are mindlessly busy with us resting up from exhaustion or just seeing some family or friends.

It feels like are hardly keeping up but the kids are doing so well its hard to think that we are really depriving them of anything too significant.

Two weekends ago, we just landed at great grandma's and hung with her. It took all day, but I can hardly complain about having my healthy 99-year old grandma hold and play with Quinn. I know there is no greater joy for her than to see the babies on the weekends.  Q is still staying true to her little mung bean size. She is probably barely past 15 lbs. at this rate and I'm just going to hope that she hits 18 lbs. by 12 months so she can stay on the growth chart.

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