Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Petzi's World

Tivoli Gardens has this amazing soft playground for younger kids that is free! Petzi is a beloved Danish cartoon character. We did occasionally see Petzi's images around the airport and in some advertisements. He is a popular mouse (?) There is also a nice nursing/changing room nearby as well as kid friendly toilets (e.g. smaller, lower ones for the preschool set).  We zoomed through here. Though it was hot in the afternoon, we returned at night.

Dek got really familiar so in the evening when we were leaving, he bolted down an exit on the opposite side (about 100 feet away) without us realizing. I was scouring the playground looking for our little man before I realized he may have tried to leave.

I ran to the opposite exit looking for him. He was a huge pile of tears and franticness. He had found another nice Danish lady that was going to help him look for mommy. Though we were fear stricken for a minute, luckily we were in a pretty safe environment (Amusement park that requires paid admission - so less grifters one would think) in one of the safest cities in the world (where people park their prams outside while having dinner or going shopping). Eventually we found him and then we had a long talk about sticking together. Every time we'd get off the train he's say something like, "Mommy, don't forget me!" He's been much more careful about sticking with mom and dad - though the excitement of a new place will send him racing ahead of us still.  But, just the other day, back home, he kept me from crossing into the street since I wasn't looking closely enough. Funny how you they become the one that keeps you in check.

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