Friday, May 9, 2014

Q is One Month Old!

(Sorry don't have any of those cute onesies stickers that everyone sees to have so went the old school route of a piece of paper. Check out that poor penmanship.)

Our little pumpkin turns one month old!  She's been sleeping most of the first month, but we've gotten some serious faces as well and sleeping giggles from our little lady.

The first month has been a pretty good one minus all the illness. Here's the report out on the first month for the well-child check up.

Weight: 10 lbs, 1 oz (60th percentile)
Height: 21.5 in.
Head: 14.5 in.

Blowout poos: None!
Times she's peed on us during a diaper change: less than 5
Number of times sick: 2
Number of ER visits: 2 (within a 12-hour time period too!)
Number of times Derek has asked why: COUNTLESS
Percent of time Derek likes having a sister: 30%

Nursing had been great. She latched on from the start. My let-down has been difficult for her to
control at times and I think that discourages her from comfort nursing. Unlike Dek who would just hang out and eat for hours. Q likes to only nurse on one side for 15 minutes, gets burped and goes back to sleep.  She's ruthlessly efficient. I offer other times in between but it doesn't seem that she's that interested which disappoints my pro-breastfeeding side.

Her weight gain is adequate but I'm guessing it would have been better if she didn't get sick (twice). I am beating myself up about not being able to shield her from germ-factory Derek. I wonder if its sometimes my fault despite copious amounts of hand washing.  Dek had this amazing run of almost never getting sick. He had a fever at 2 months and then the next time he was sick was a stomach virus at 15 months. He is 3 and never had an ear infection or been on antibiotics.  I always chalked it up to him being a robust breastfed baby/toddler. He nursed until 2.5 - really.  But suctioning Q's nose constantly and hearing her sniffle during nursing is just so, so sad. Seems such a small baby shouldn't have to have constant sniffles.

Ah everyone's favorite topic. She is really great. By no means is she sleeping through the night and I have no expectations of her for doing so for awhile, but she will sleep in 3-4 hour stretches. This is something that Derek rarely did. So if I get 2 blocks of 3 hours of sleep, I feel like a million bucks. I've scaled down alot this time around in terms of visitors, going back to "normal" life and have enjoyed our cuddle times and staring contests. I've really taken to heart what people say about how short the newborn and baby period is (because its so true!) and instead of resenting having to hold her all the time - I really love it. Sometimes I don't want to put her down at all and let her just sleep on me - though I'm pretty sure that's what contributed to my  mastitis. The co-sleeping this time has really saved me some sanity and sleep.

Other tricks:
  • Smiles! Though Q seems to be pretty serious for the camera, we do get to see her smile and it just melts us (of course).
  • Neck support - Q started holding up her neck around 3 weeks.
  • Tummy time: hates it after about 2 minutes.
  • Yelp! She's been a pretty quiet baby. Not a lot of crying, but she does do this cute little yelp thing when she is unhappy with something. She is cooing a bit and learning to do something besides yelping. 
  • Pooing - everyone's favorite topic! Let's say she goes with regularity (every diaper change!). I think the Anti-Colic diet my midwives recommended has been hugely helpful.

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