Sunday, May 11, 2014


"Why is my hair like that?"

I freakin' hate the word WHY.

I knew this phase was coming. I did. But its driving me absolutely up the wall. On average, Derek must ask why about 300x a day. Alright, I may be exaggerating, but it really seems that way.

Its worst than a tantrum. Or potty accidents. Or complete total meltdowns. Sometimes Mike will see him ask me why for the 10th time in a row and I'm about to pull out all my hair.

Unlike those more catastrophic events in the life of a toddler/preschooler, the word why is just this nagging little whine that can be repeated hundreds, if not thousands, of times per day.  Every sentence that we read in a book, will be followed by the word why. Then its every statement or phrase that we say to him. I try to do the yoga breathing or just ignore him asking, but the little sucker is persistent. Why, mommy, why? That's when it intensifies - he both starts and ends a three-word statement with the dag word.

"Derek, please put your dishes in the sink."

"But why?"
"Because you're done eating."
"Why am I done eating?"
"Why are we not eating dinner anymore."
"Why is daddy still eating?"
"Why, mommy, why?"

That's the really good part when there is a multiple why question follow-up to one thing we say. I have not really ever asked for a phase, good or bad, to hurry up and pass because I've heard all the storied advice from experienced mom. Enjoy the good and bad phases - don't wish away this very valuable time in your young child's life. So I have done my very best to be present in all of it. Even when Derek had terrible ezcema rashes, bumped his head everywhere when learning to walk, or tried to stick anything smaller in his mouth or up his nose. But the why is killing me.

Here is why (har, har) its likely annoying me more than usual.
1) I feel compelled to answer and explain everything. Though I now realize that no matter how thorough my explanation, it will not be complete to a 3-year old.
2) The whining accompanying the why is especially nagging.
3) It happens all the time and it feels like we cannot get three words out before being interrupted with why.
4) I'm functioning off fragments of sleep and also trying to meet the needs of a small baby while answering these inane requests for more information.

I know. One day, I'll think this is really cute and look back on it fondly. But really, I'll just be thinking why?

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