Tuesday, May 20, 2014

That's Better

So we've past the 6-week mark where things will "magically" get better (ha). Quinn hasn't had a horrible case of fussiness, though I have short circuited her by mostly having her close to me in the baby carrier or by co-sleeping. Who can complain when you're being cuddled constantly. Well most people would call that smothering, but babies love it. Who knew.

Dek has also been adjusting to big brotherhood a little bit better. He's recently asked Q to be allowed to sleep next to him, or come read a story at bedtime. He's also saying adooorable things like, "Quinn, you're the best!" I guess we probably say this to him too much (spoiled much, yes).  He's wanted to hug and kiss her alot. We now know to tell him to do this on TOP of her head so he won't give her too many germs. Dek is having some potty problems - oh how I long for the days that I gloated that he could poo by himself when he was 1 - which may be tied to being at school and with a new sibling. Hopefully the roughest part of the adjustment period is over and things will settle in for a little before changing yet again.  We did move up his bed time to 7:30 and its amazing that its usually the time Quinn will start her long stretch of sleep for the night. Speaking of which, I should go lay down and sleep now since both kiddos are zonked out.

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