Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sleeping through the TIme Jump

Passed out!
To me, the toughest part to me is not the flight there but the time change. Europe is 6 hours ahead, but we typically adjust the kids even further forward if possible (to a 9 or 10pm bedtime) so that we have some flexibility in the evenings with dinners and then we're not stuck with the 6am wake up call. The first night was extremely tough as they are up and down constantly (and never at the same time).

When we finally arrived in Copenhagen our first night, we made it out to for an early dinner at 5pm and then the grocery store and somehow the kids were exhausted and asleep by 8pm (which is only 2pm our time). Derek was up a few hours later since his body probably felt like it was only a nap and Quinn did a bit better but was up by 1am or so. As you can see by morning, we have completely given up and they are both sleeping in our bed. Mike had relocated to the couch and I was in Derek's little toddler bed next door.

How come they always end up in your bed anyway?

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