Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Packing Down

Derek finds a new reading nook

Where to start?
In the weeks leading up to the trip I had a few big concerns about what to bring and what to bring it in.  Maybe I'll provide some thinking on that first ...

Picking the Bags
There is the sheer logistical exercise of figuring out which and how many suitcases/bags to bring that we can carry and also be able to carry both kiddos. I figured that I would either wear Quinn in a sling and Derek would walk or be pushed in the stroller. We decided only to bring one umbrella stroller that reclined (which meant that Q would possibly be able to sit in it from time to time). I found a McLaren Quest off Craiglist for $70 - a good deal when brand new ones retail around $250 and this thing would be pretty eat up.

Note: difference in taking a stroller internationally is that most of the time we could not gate check it. Meaning that even if you brought it past security and to the gate with you, it would not be delivered plane side and would instead meet us at baggage claim. Even when we didn't gate check it, bringing it was a bigger pain than we imagined since Dek could ride on the luggage cart, or in Copenhagen they have loaner strollers (truly child-friendly!)

Back to what luggage to bring:

1 large suitcase (the big one from this Costco Samsonite set)
1 carry-on bag (our loyal B&R bag that has amazing expansion powers)
1 B&R small duffel (that fits on top of the carry-on backpack)
1 extra duffel (packed away for end of trip)
1 diaper bag
1 umbrella stroller + 2 soft baby carriers (Ergo and Maya Wrap)

Lugging it Around
Airports have luggage racks, but if you are using public transport - you'll need to be able to carry everything without elevators (there is always the possibility there won't be elevators, or they will be broken - which happens alot in Europe)

We figured Mike could wear the backpack, and roll both suitcases. I would be in charge of wearing and pushing the kiddos. Later, I'll discuss how its VERY important to determine how far away your apartment/hotel is from the hotel as you will need to drag all of this with you as well.  Though taxis are possible, I am a bit of a nervous nelly since we didn't have car seats for most of the trip (except for when we rented in Paris, more on that later). We did break down in Lyon and started using Uber since our backs and legs were killing us at that point.

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