Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Big Journey - European Vacation!

At Dulles at the beginning of the 16+ hour journey
Hi all, we've returned from 23 days of travel with the children to Copenhagen, Zurich, Paris and Lyon. Yes, we are crazy. It was quite the adventure and a different travel experience, especially with both the kiddos. I will be slowly posting blogs on...
  • What we did and ate (a very important thing)
  • Observations and considerations for planning, packing, traveling with two kiddos in tow
  • Highlighting things I might have done same/better/differently if we actually can get away and travel again (tricky since alot changes so much from trip to trip as the kids' maturity level can change so much)
  • How the kids fared in different parts of the trip - adjusting to the time change, surviving naps on the go, experiencing different food, etc.
I tried to take notes on different parts on the trip since I constantly want to improve on how I would do things or do things slightly differently if I had just known a few more things - so bear with me as I gather thoughts so the posts can be somewhat coherent rather than the usual stream-of-consciousness incoherence.

Meltdown Mode after 2hr delay + 8 flight + transfer at Frankfurt + 2 buses and then arrival in Copenhagen.

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