Sunday, August 10, 2014

Whale of a Good Time

[Back to Arlington for a minute...]

Even with his eyes closed it was a good time! After all the fun in Europe, Dekboy returns home to enjoy some good ole fashion fun at the County Fair. This year at the fair, he's must more excited to go on all the little kid rides but still thinks the baby roller coaster is "scary".  We enjoyed the swings, jeeps and giganto slide.  It was my last weekend before the end of maternity leave, so it was fun to end with some summer fun before shuffling back to the rat race (which I document more at my Tales of the Working Minh Blog).

**I'm still having some trouble with getting all the Europe photos organized so I can blog. I frustratingly erased some and they disappeared to a phantom recycle bin that is neither on my computer or the network server. We'll continue with the Europe trip report outs soon.**

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