Saturday, April 26, 2014

Derek's Take on the Baby

You know, when I was pregnant, I didn't really worry about the baby so much. I spent more time focused on how Derek would adjust to not being the center of the universe anymore. Let's admit it, he suffered from pretty usual only-child spoilage issues. We laughed at all his jokes. Came running to his beck and call. Praised him for behaving well and eating vegetables (the two times he did it).

And he would say all these really cute things like,
"I'll share my toys with the baby."
"The baby can watch me play soccer." (Curious, since he doesn't play soccer)
"I will looooooove the baby."

Well, that enthusiasm was short lived.
First week it was things like,
"I like the baby."
"The baby is my sister."
"Mommy, you're the best and Quinn Luu is the best!"

Third Week in... its bedtime and he hears the baby crying and decides he will need Mike at the same time ad we hear him exclaim in his room, "Daddy, DO NOT pick up Quinn Luu!"

Or in the mornings when he sees me feeding her and insists on sitting in my lap instead, "Don't feed the baby...I don't want you to feed Quinn."

And my personal favorite, "I don't want to share mommy."

Well here are memories of happier times when he still wanted to hold her. I'm sure the pendulum will keep swinging back and forth until he goes to college or thereabouts.

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