Saturday, April 5, 2014

Welcoming Quinn Luu

Our little gal showed up at 39 weeks + 3 days -- just 4 days short of her due date (just like big brother).

Quinn Luu Dinh Favila
Born March 31, 2014 at  2:57am (an early bird, what can I say)
7 lbs, 6 oz.
19.75 inches

Compared to Derek, she's slightly smaller in weight and length. Though she may have weighed the same if she didn't poo herself on the way out.

Inspiration for her name, I have always like the Vietnamese name "Quynh" - which is a type of flower, and Luu is the name of my great aunt, my grandma's younger sister who I've not met. We opted for the American spelling of Quynh, so she wouldn't have to go through life respelling her name often (trust me, I know that's U-Y-E-N-DASH-M-I-N-H, no H as in house). But it works out OK I think.

Coincidentally, Quynh Luu is also the name of a province in Vietnam, which was well-known during the Vietnam War for leading an uprising against the communist regime, even after it had been captured and made part of North Vietnam. The people there are known for their great spirit and freedom fighting ways - so its nice to have Quinn's name have both historical and family significance.

More on the birth story to come soon...


  1. Love the name (Quinn was a contender for me if baby was going to be a girl) and the meaning behind it-- beautiful!

    1. Thanks Kelly (I'm only reading comments now a month later.. really on top of it, you can see.)