Monday, April 7, 2014

Early days

We had no idea what to expect with Baby #2. We couldn't make any decisions about naming him/her. But then she here... and it all came together. So truth be told we only really had 1 girl name, and 1/2 of a boy name formed - that's how indecisive we were with the baby name.  

At the hospital, Quinn immediately latched on and had a pretty easy time nursing right from the beginning. This was a huge relief compared to all those early challenges Derek had first time around with jaundice and weight loss. Even my pediatrician remembers me calling him to "negotiate" at 8pm the day after Derek was born so I could continue breastfeeding without supplementing.  

Our time in the hospital was relatively drama-free, and we even got the nice VIP suite (thanks Mike!) since our impeccable timing showing up on a Sunday night and Quinn arriving a mere 30 minutes later meant we had the pick of room it would seem. We also didn't get sucked into the photography packages, or worryign about attending the newborn classes for new parents. I rested and got to hug up with the cutie pie.

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